The Devil's Revenge by Jennifer Loren

The Devil's Revenge - Jennifer Loren

When I first started reading this book I was very excited about it! I couldn't wait to start reading, and I enjoyed the start of the book a lot. But then towards the middle things just got kind of frustrating to me, and slightly over done. I felt like things just kept repeating themselves. 

Nick and Kayla have a wonderful romance that I love to see how it works between them, but there just seems to be so many different factors coming into play now. 

Kayla is on trial for murder now, and since Nick's death everyone is on edge to help her. But her biggest help turns out to be a shock to everyone! 

And then Kayla has another great surprise that shows up too!


I just didn't care for this one as much as the last one. I won't be reading anymore especially seeing other reviews for the next book, and reading the sample chapters. I do not want "Franky" to come back into the picture now, or ever. I think that is really dumb, and it totally puts me off the books. I hated getting hints in this one that she could still be alive, it bothered me a lot. And I really do not care to learn about Nick's past, even if it seems little Nicky gets a bigger part in the next book, I still won't be reading it. I was disappointed in this one.