Divine Vices by Melissa Parkin

Divine Vices - Melissa Parkin

Divine Vices begins with Cassie going to school like any other day with her two best friends Gwen and Ian. Things change a little when she meets the hot new guy to school, and she actually feels a little different about him, until she proves herself correct when she judge him as an incredible jerk. From then on Cassie tries to stay away from Jack, but some how he keeps turning up all over the place. Add in to the fact that there are local girls who are showing up dead or missing, and the fact that her best friend Ian seems to be acting a little strange towards her brings a whole lot of drama to Cassie's life... 

This book started out very interesting. I loved the banter between Cassie and Jack, and how they acted around each other. And I really liked the plot line of the story even though at times it was a tad bit confusing because most of it isn't explained until more towards the end of it. And I also liked all of the main characters as well. They were very well written, and very likable. 

The only downsides to the book are these few things:

1)The end.. It is a major major cliffhanger. I finished reading and was seriously thinking this can not be the end, but alas it sadly was. 

2) Sometimes the way a few of the characters spoke didn't really seem like young adults. They seemed a lot older than what they were, and a lot more educated then what they were as well. 

Other than these few things I really did like the book.