Sweet Seduction Stripped by Nicola Claire

Sweet Seduction Stripped - Nicola Claire

Sweet Seduction Stripped begins when Amber learns something really about the boyfriend she's been living with for the past twenty months. She finds out he is not at all who she thought he was, and she's not really sure if she is even in love with him... And the only way to get out is to run to the man who she has only known for the last three years online never in person, until she seeks his help. Now come to find out Ric or Eric has most people know him is part of ASI who are currently trying to get some information on Amber's boyfriend. And once Amber and Eric finally meet sparks start to fly, but they have to deal with the crazy ex boyfriend and a whole lot of drama first before they can make it out on the other side safely.

When I started reading Sweet Seduction Stripped I really had no idea what to expect at all. I was actually a little weary about it because of the blurb, and some of the reviews I've read about it. But wow I was very surprised with it in a really good way. I loved it, and thought it was very good! It has lots of romance, some steamy scenes, drama, and action! It wasn't just all of that thought it was also all of the characters from previous books, and the new characters that made this book really good.

Now there was only really bad thing about the book to me. And that was Amber at first. I really didn't like her. I kind of thought she was a little bit well I don't really know how to explain it but I just wish she had refrained from giving away some of her affection at times.
But once I got to see a little bit more in her head I really loved her character, and thought she was great for Ric! Those two are the perfect couple, who had me laughing a lot in the book and sometimes wanting to cry as well. I love this series, and just keeps getting better and better!