King by Jamie Begley

King (The VIP Room Book 3) - Jamie Begley

King begins with King being in the hospital with his daughter Lily and her husband. He was recently shot, and now that he's seen Lily's husband he knows that the man has darkness in him and couldn't possibly be good for Lily. So King decides it his job to find out all the bad things about him and get rid of him for her. The problem is Lily and her husband are majorly in love, and Lily's husband is not a man to be messed with.

In comes Evie. Evie is a patched member of the The Last Riders, which is the MC that Lily's husband is a part of. Now Lily's husband gives Evie the assignment to get close to King to make sure he doesn't try to do anything that could put Lily in danger, or worse. But little did Evie and King know that while being together they would actually form a relationship.. These two have a whole lot going against them but they must find away to make it work, or they may regret it for the rest of their lives.

I really liked this book. The beginning had me really captivated by it even though I didn't understand a few things that happened because this is the first book I've read in the series, and because I didn't read the other MC book series. But more towards the end this one seemed to lose a lot of its spunk, and got sort of boring. I did like the main characters however, and the plot line was pretty good for the most part. I'm actually going to go back and read the first book, and more of this series if there will be any.