Teased by Jamie Begley

Teased - Jamie Begley

Teased begins when Colton gets out of prison after being locked up for the last three years. He is in great need of a woman to warm his bed for the night, and to rest. But after seeing the wife he's been trying to divorce for last few years and being told he has to meet with King, he knows he must head to the strip club King owns in order to get this favor over with. But he never expected to run into "Trouble" at the club.

Trouble aka Vida is only stripping so she can find her friend Sawyer who was taken. Vida doesn't want to be in this world or life, but she knows she has to do what she can in order to help her friend. And King is helping her by letting her fit in and be safe. But in order to get her out of stripping and into a safer place King makes Colton keep Vida with him.. As in they have to life together for a while.. These two start out as roommates who try to stay away from each other, but soon turn into more. But Vida isn't interested because of the revolving bedroom door at Colton's with all the woman coming and going and her having to listen to it night after night she doesn't want to be apart of it. But love seems to come to us even when we don't want it, but there is still a whole world of trouble out there for these two.

I really loved this book. It was really good, and had great characters. I really liked Vida and Colton's relationship at first, and by the end I was rooting for them to get together! The book kept me interested from the very first page, and had me interested till the end. The only major issue I had with the book was the ending. It didn't really explain much of anything, and nothing seemed to be resolved. I feel weird reading this series so backwards but I think I will get to the second book soon, even though I've already read the third book. I hope the next one answers a lot of my unanswered questions from this one.