The Devil's Contract by Claire Contreras

The Devil's Contract (Contracts & Deceptions Book 1) - Claire Contreras

The book beings when Amara agrees to a horrible bargain to help save her families wealth and get her mother the care she needs for cancer treatments. Years later the time has come for her to pay up. So she must go to Paris for two years and work as an "escort" to help pay off the debt leaving behind the man she's in love with. Amara has to journey through crazy things and her life just seems to be getting worse but she's not going to give up yet until she has to...

I started this book kind of expecting one thing and got another. I actually started off liking it but by the end I didn't any longer. The plot like was okay for the most part but what really had me hating it where three different things.

1) I didn't feel any connection with any of the characters. There just didn't seem to be real genuine emotion coming from them.

2) The way the time was described was had to keep up with. It felt like one paragraph she was in Paris two weeks and the next a few months with out the author actually telling is how long she had been there. So I was sort of confused about that and about other things that weren't explained all that well.

3) The end. Not only was it a cliffhanger but it was also something that made me angry. I felt like that person really didn't care about Amara and will just end up hurting her.

So that is why I didn't like this one. I don't think I will be reading the next book either. This just wasn't for me.