The Intern by Brooke Cumberland

The Intern: Vol. 1 - Brooke Cumberland

The Intern begins when Ceci decides to get an internship at a company she thinks will help her figure out more about who killed her dad all those years ago. The problem is she is still in high school, and only eighteen. But that isn't going to stop her she is bound and determined to get what she needs.

Bentley is the up and coming CEO of the company Ceci wants to be apart of. He's also twenty-six and doesn't want anything to do the company yet. He still wants to live his life they way he has been. But all of that changes when he meets Ceci. The both know the attraction between them shouldn't lead to anything else because it is wrong for several different reasons. But neither one can seem to stay apart...

This is a short story series that leaves us with cliffhanger endings and having us waiting anxiously for the next book! I must say I had a hard time deciding exactly what I thought about this book. The age difference doesn't bother, it is the fact that Ceci is still in high school that makes me feel like something horrible could happen to her once someone finds out she's lying about so much! Other than that I loved Ceci. She was very confident and wasn't afraid to do what she believes in, I really admired her in this story. And I thought Bentley was okay. He seemed kind of immature for his age, but he worked it really well. I really liked this book, and I look forward to the next one!