The Texan's Cowgirl Bride by Trish Bilburn

The Texan's Cowgirl Bride (Harlequin American RomanceTexas Rodeo B) - Trish Milburn
The book begins when Savannah going to a horse show to compete. There she runs into a guy she use to know in high school Travis. She never would have expected to fill such a huge pull towards him but she does. And after an accident, and a crazy health scare she decides to use his P.I. help to try to find her mom. While working together these two start to form a relationship that neither one of them every expected to have, especially Travis after the tragedy in his life. 
 This book was okay. It wasn't really good, but not really bad either. I liked the idea of the plot, but at times found it sort of boring, and couldn't connect with the characters. It was still a nice read to pass the time away with, other than that there wasn't really a connection with the book at all. And there also wasn't very many horse parts in it either.