Little Black Book by Tabatha Vargo, Melissa Andrea

Little Black Book - Tabatha Vargo, Melissa Andrea

Little Black Book begins with us seeing a little bit of Sebastian's life. He's never been emotion with anyone, and he doesn't trust anyone at all. He has a little black book with women's names in it so he can call to have sex with while he compensates them with money until he tires of them. But all of this changes one night in his club when he sees the new waitress. His "Jessica". She will turn his whole world upside down.

And Rosslyn just lost everything all over again. Now she and her brother are in need of money fast, so she takes the only opportunity she thinks is available. But she never expected to have feelings for Sebastian, especially when she knows she shouldn't. These two each have their fair share of demons, but being together begins to change both of them in ways they never imagined.

This book ended up being really good. I will admit that I didn't like Sebastian for most of the book. He made me angry, and frustrated. But then towards the end he really started to grow on me, and I saw a different side to him that made me like him a lot. And Rosslyn was a really awesome character. She was young, and the sole care taker of her brother but she didn't let that stop her. She also didn't become weak willed, or a crying mess the way Sebastian treated her sometimes, and that made me admire her a lot. I seriously hate the heroine's who get mad, and crazy crying all the time when the hero does exactly what he said he would. She was strong, and that just made the book more interesting. Then the ending just blew me away, I loved it! I never would have imagined that plot twist at all, I was totally not expecting it. So kudos to the authors for this awesome story!