Beautiful Player by Christina Lauren

Beautiful Player - Christina Lauren

Beautiful Player begins when Hanna's big brother and father come to see her one day. They think she is spending too much time in the lab, and need to get out more to make friends and have fun since she's been working so much.

 So they advise her to call her brother's best friend, Will. 

Hanna secretly had a crush on will when she was younger be he was always the forbidden fruit being so much older than and her brother's best friend. But when she reconnects with him she finds herself majorly attracted to him, but she knows he is and always has been a player...


Will hasn't ever really given someone the chance to have his heart before. He's always had women with benefits fitted on certain days, and they all know about each other. But when Hanna comes into the picture everything gets blown out the window. Only this time it is Will who has no idea how to navigate things, and he's not exactly sure how he lost his heart in the process...


I really liked Beautiful Player and thought it was good. It has a very interesting story line that kept me wanting to figure out what was going to happen next, and pretty awesome characters who I adored through out most of the book. I only had one major issue with that I wish could have been cut back a little bit because it just got annoying after a while. It was mainly about the fact that neither one would really open up about their feelings even though it kind of contradicted both of their personalities for the most part. 


I do think this was a great addition to this series, even though it may not have been as great as the first one it was still pretty good. And all in the beginning Hanna was adorably hilarious. She was awesome, but she sort of lost some of it more towards the ending which was a bit sad and disappointing.