The Fight for Us by Elizabeth Finn

The Fight for Us - Elizabeth Finn

The Fight For Us begins when Joss is called to the school because her daughter is in trouble. She never would have thought her daughter would act like she did and actually let another girl get hurt but that is what happens. She meets the girls father, Isaiah, who seems to actually hate her, but these two actually start to form some sort of relationship. But they both have a past that neither is sure they can get through. However, when they can't seem to stay away from each other, and they realize that they may actually need each other they both of figure out how to fight for each other or risk losing the only family they could have left..

This book was not at all what I was expecting. At first I really didn't Joss, because she just came off as a mom who worked to hard and didn't know her child. But learning her story I felt majorly bad for her, and I really started to like her after that. And I also felt bad for Isaiah, but these two seemed to fit perfectly together. I also loved the how the author did the whole "his fight, her fight, their fight" type of thing. It was really awesome to see it split like that and then each of their struggles, and then their struggles together. It was also really interesting to get to see Joss and Isaiah's daughters getting along, and being close. They needed each other as well, and it was really neat to watch their relationship come together as well. Over all I really liked this book, and thought it was good with great characters, and an interesting plot line.