Making Faces by Amy Harmon

Making Faces - Amy Harmon

Making Faces begins with us getting to see life in high school for Fern, and Ambrose, and all of their friends around them. It isn't just in one person's point of view, it really shows us lots of different peoples point throughout the book. We also get to see lots of flashbacks through out the book was well. After high school Ambrose goes off to war with his best friends, and then comes back a whole different person... Now Fern and the rest of the town have figure out how to live with all of the devastation that keeps coming their way!

Making Faces really brings to life how much so many people take others for granted, and only see the beauty on the outside. Ambrose is someone who started falling for Fern secretly but was having a hard time with what she looked like.. But when the tables turn he feels foolish for the way he acted before. This story is about loss, love, and the beauty of people and life from within. It was a very emotional read, that needed a little bit more romance in my opinion. I also wish we had gotten a little bit more from Fern too. It felt like Fern was almost over shadowed by Bailey and Ambrose in the story. In the beginning it had a lot to do with her, but once it really picked up that's kind of what it felt like to me. But other wise it is a really good book that I highly recommend if your in the mood to read something moving, and emotional!