Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren

Sweet Filthy Boy - Christina Lauren

The book begins when Mia and her two best friends go to Vegas after graduating college. Mia's life is sort of set for her even if she doesn't want it to be, but she feels she has no other options. But in Vegas, she meets Ansel. A Frenchmen on vacation, with his two best friends. They hit it off, and start to form a strange relationship right away. But after a drunken night turns into more, and they set of to France, neither is sure what to do next. But both are determined to figure it out..

Sweet Filthy Boy is a contradiction, even the name is a contradiction. The book was very humorous for most of the beginning, and even towards the middle and end. But at a certain point it sort of lost a lot of its humor to me. It became a little more series, also a little bit more angsty. I really loved the plot line of this story, it was beautiful, and fun, and serious all at once. Then the characters are even better. I loved Ansel. He was an awesome "sweet filthy French boy" that was impulsive, funny, and handsome. I loved what happened between them in Vegas, and then I loved everything that happened in France. There was only one minor issue I had with the book, and that was Ansel's "mess up." I really felt that was sort of dumb to me. I understood Mia, but I never really understood why Ansel did it. And then it sort of never comes up again... So it didn't really feel resolved. Then the ending was kind of a major issue. It really let me down. I mean technically we know what will happen, but it just would have been nicer to have more closure so I wouldn't be wondering what happened to them next. Other than that this book was really good. It has a sweet story, with fun exciting characters, and sometimes serious. I really enjoyed it.