Room 212 by Kate Stewart

Room 212 - Kate  Stewart

Room 212 begins with Laura just breaking up with her boyfriend and trying to figure out what to next in her life. But her plans go a little crazy when an accidental meeting with Seth Whitaker. Seth has his plans laid out to the T. Everything is set in motion for him, but his world gets knocked back when he meets Laura. But these two keeping making mistakes, and getting hurt, until finally years later they meet again...


I must say I didn't really like this book at all, it just wasn't for me. I was really interested at first because the beginning pulled me in, but once I got to know more about Seth, I really started to hate the book. I felt like Laura could have done so much better than him, he was the worst kind of jerk, and she needed better. She also sort of got on my nerves a lot during the book, until pretty much the end. The plot line was alright, but I just didn't get a lot of what happened, and I didn't like it that it did. So this was not the book for me.