Wild by Adriane Leigh

Wild - Adriane Leigh

Wild begins with Kat seeing her one night stand again and again several times after she just moved to this new town in Maine. The problem is she doesn't need to get involved with anyone, and she can't seem to stay away from him. They start out very casual, saying that it isn't a relationship. But some how, some way they both end up falling for each other, but hidden pasts, and secrets tend turn things around for both of them..

This book was okay. I didn't feel much of a emotional connection to either character till the end pretty much. The beginning was interesting, but just slightly boring. It didn't really pick up till almost the end. Then there was this cheating/non cheating issue. It bother me much because I wasn't really invested in the characters, but still it was kind of a jerk thing to do. But I do admire the heroine for how she handled, that is how I wish all heroine's handled something like this if they were in this situation. It was freaking awesome. I don't think I will be reading any more in this series, but this one was a nice short read to pass the time with.