The Chronicles of Moxie by Z.B. Heller

The Chronicles of Moxie - Z B Heller

The Chronicles of Moxie begins with us getting to know a little about Moxie. Then she ends up majorly embarrassing herself, which seems to be a normal occurrence for her, but this time the man she did it in front is also the dad of her new student. She can't seem to get away from him, and the weird pull she feels towards him. Miles has a son and just moved to Chicago. They have a lot to deal with, but he knows that Moxie may be the one for him. These two start to build a crazy relationship, that involves lots of confusion, innuendo, laughs, and embarrassment, mostly on Moxie's side. But both of them have insecurities that might to be the end before the even really get started in this relationship..

This book was beyond hilarious. I laughed from the very start till the end. It was that funny. Now the funny made up for a lot that bugged me in the book. Like I didn't get why Miles was so secretive about certain things, to me it just didn't make sense. Because Moxie is a Teacher. Then the ended seemed really rushed, but other than that this was a very good story. It had lots of humor, sexy time, and a sassy heroine. I really thought this book was good, and Moxie and Miles were awesome together.