Scoring Wilder by R.S. Grey

Scoring Wilder - R.S. Grey

Scoring Wilder begins with Kinsley Bryant starting a soccer before college starts. She's training to be in the Olympics, and she doesn't need any distractions but that all changes when she realizes Liam Wilder is going to be her COACH! Liam Wilder is America's favorite bad boy soccer player, and for a few months he's going to be Kinsley's coach. Liam's world also changed when he met Kinsley, but neither of them realized exactly what was going to happen once they started a relationship.

This book was really good, and it was really surprising. I kind of expected it to be a little bit high on the drama, but it really wasn't. That doesn't mean that it got boring, because it didn't at all. But it there wasn't a huge drama where you wanted to yell at the characters for making stupid choices. This book was funny, exciting, and smooth. The main characters had great chemistry, and a few pretty dirty scenes that were awesome. Then you also have the side characters who rocked, and had their own romance as well. I loved this book. It was a lot better than what I was expecting, and it was a fun nice easy read.