Emma's Home by Maryann Jordan

Emma's Home (Fairfield Series) (The Fairfield Series) - Maryann Jordan

Emma's Home begins with Emma going to live in the town her niece moved to. She was tired of being away from the only family she has left, and she's ready to start a new job and get her own home in the town of Fairfield. What she didn't expect was Jake. Jake is a local cop who is taking care of his mother who can not take care of herself completely, and is good friends with Laurie's boyfriend. Jake and Emma have an instant connection, and both of them want to try to be more, but neither of them expected all the kinds of issues that would take place once they got together.


Emma's Home was really good. I don't believe it was as good as the second book, but it was still very good. I loved Emma. She is an amazing sweet loving character, who was so easy going and didn't cause a lot of angst or drama. And Jake was a possessive alpha male who was extremely hot and loyal to those he loves. I loved them together as well. The only issue I really had with the book was I kind of wish Jake and Emma getting together would have been drawn out a little bit more, but I still liked how they didn't play games and were generally open with the way the felt about each other. That was very refreshing to read about. And the main plot line was kind of suspenseful, and very interesting. I was never bored while reading the book, and I kept waiting to read more.