Magic Breaks by Ilona Andrews

Magic Breaks - Ilona Andrews

Magic Breaks begins with Curran having to leave Kate for a little bit to go on a hunt. Little did they know all hell would break lose while he was gone. Kate now has to try to prevent Hugh and the People from attacking the Keep. And she has in Keep drama going on as well. While Kate, and the rest try to keep Hugh from destroying the city, and more she's also trying to keep her people a live. But lots of things start to stand in her way, and still she doesn't know if Curran is alive or not..

This book was epic. Seriously, I couldn't believe what was going on! I was frustrated at first because Curran wasn't in a lot of it till the end really, but wow. I loved how Kate got to stand up for the Keep, even though the Keep people kept pissing me off. Then she gets a whole world of trouble, and Roland is in on everything. I couldn't believe everything that was happening. It was just crazy. But I loved this book. It was really really good. And then the end made me want to cry like a baby. I can't say too much because it will give it all away, but this book seemed to just change the series drastically! And Kate and Curran were amazing together. Now I can not wait to read more!