Enjoying the Chase by Kristy Mosely

Enjoying the Chase - Kirsty Mosely (kirsty1000)

Enjoying the Chase begins with Nate Peters enjoying his life as an all around player. His best friend got married and just had a baby, but Nate is no where near settling down or at least he doesn't think so until he meets Rosie. Rosie is Nate's best friends wife's best friend. (That was a mouth full!)
Rosie is also not into games, and she isn't going to let a player like Nate get to her just to get into her pants, she's been there and done that before. But Nate can't seem to figure out why she doesn't want him, and at first it's all about the chase, but then Nate starts to realize that Rosie is more than he originally though and develops feelings for her. However, Rosie has a bad past with relationships, and she also has a little secret she doesn't want Nate to figure out because it could scare him off.. But what happens when all the secrets come out, and Nate is different then what Rosie thought too? Well you just need to read the book to find out!

I really really really enjoyed this book. It was very good. It had a great plot, and pretty good characters as well. I loved Nate, and his cheesy humor it just made the whole book a lot better. And I also loved Nate and Rosie together as well, and little D.J.
The only thing I didn't really like is the book seems to start off slow and kind of drags a little.
And I didn't like how Rosie seemed to have a split personality! One minuet it seemed she was so confident with Nate, and trusted him then the next it was like she was constantly waiting on the other shoe to drop and that really annoyed me a lot through out the book. Especially when Nate worked his butt off to prove to her he was different.

Then the ending had me in tears! It was crazy how the book had me laughing out loud, to screaming with frustrating at the Rosie, and then to tears! It was a really good book and I do recommend it.