It Happened One Wedding by Julie James

It Happened One Wedding - Julie James

The book begins with Sidney and Vaughn meeting in a coffee shop! Vaughn sees her shoot down her date she's on, and decides to go hit on her. The problem is Vaughn has never met anyone like Sidney before, and she turns him down and even "profiles him" and she gets it right. Since these two started off on such bad footing it comes as not such a good surprise when these two later end up meeting their siblings who tell them they are getting married. Sidney is now the maid of honor, and Vaughn is the best man. So they will have to be seeing each other a whole lot, and try to work around their differences for the wedding that is coming up!

Sidney and Vaughn have really great chemistry through out the whole book! I really loved their first encounter as well, it was funny! And I liked the plot line of the book, and of course the writing was great. But I just couldn't connect to either main characters a lot of the time, and I felt like the story got sort of boring at times. Other than those two things I really did enjoy the book, even though I wanted to smack some sense into both characters from time to time. It was another nice addition to this series.