The Heart Teaches Best by M.J. Schiller


This story begins when Cooper Sullivan gets the lead on a high profile murder of Sydney Essex the author. She was strangled in a bar while her sister Laney was on her way to meet her. Cooper goes back to the scene of the crime to get more clues and ends up having to save Laney from a random guy coming onto her. 

From that night on Cooper can't seem to keep a professional distance between himself and Laney. All he wants to do is comfort her, and maybe a little bit more as well. 


Laney who just lost her sister isn't sure what to do. But she also knows she wants this cop who makes her feel safe all the time. These two have a lot of things to get through, but hopefully they will get through it before the killer ends getting Laney too. 


The Heart Teaches Best was a lot different than what I was expecting. It was a nice interesting plot, that was very easy to follow. And the characters were pretty interesting as well. The only thing however was I couldn't connect to the characters really. I just couldn't feel what they were feeling, I was just a spectator, not really having any emotion at all for the characters.


 That is kind of a downside to the book, but other than that it was a nice interesting read that I did like!