Review: Elite by Nicola Claire

Elite (Citizen Saga, Book 1) - Nicola Claire

Elite begins in a world unlike the one we currently live it. It's completely different. There are lots of rules and restrictions on being a model Citizen. The book begins with Selena Carstairs,an Elite, who knows that the way things are should be different. And she's not afraid to break the rules. But when she stumbles upon a man named Trent she's about to learn things she never knew existed, and unsure of who she can really trust she's in a whole new world on her own.

Trent Masters is a Citizen. But he truly knows what's really going on in their world, and he wants to change it. And when he gets his ultimate chance by using Selena Carstairs, things will never be the same for him. Especially since he can't seem to stop the attraction he has for her that is consuming him.

ELITE.WAS.AWESOME! No joke, this book was freaking amazing. It has a dash of romance, lots of intrigue, and wonderful characters who fight for what they believe in! Now I kind of wish there had been a little bit more romance in the book, but other than that this book was really really good. It held my interest from the first page all the way till the end! And oh wow, the end. I couldn't believe it ended like that! Now I don't know what's going to happen, and I'm dying to find out. Now the end was kind of a cliffhanger, but it wasn't anything that bad. At least to me it wasn't. Now I just have a whole bunch of questions that I can't wait to get answered in the second book!