I Know Lucy by Melissa Pearl

I Know Lucy - Melissa Pearl

I Know Lucy begins with us seeing what happened in Lucy's past to set her on her current course in life. She's had it really rough, and when it seems all hope is lost she just wants to have a normal life some where away from her past, but everything changes when she meets Zach. 


Zach is curious by nature, and once he sees the new girl at school he can't help but be drawn to her. He knows she has lots of secrets and she may not be exactly who she says she is, but he can't help falling for her anyway. But when he does all he can to discover her secrets he may not like what he finds, and he may lose her forever.


This is a suspense filled novel with lots of intrigue. It has really intriguing characters, and it was a very enjoyable read. The book was also interesting the way it switched from first person to third person depending on whose point of view it technically was. And I also loved the way Lucy's past was explained through out the whole book. The only issues I had with it was the cliffhanger ending, I wish it had ended with a little more clarity but I understood why it didn't. And then I wish we had gotten into Lucy's head a little bit more. I loved seeing into Zach's mind, but it would have been better if we could have seen how Lucy thought about certain things, and what she really felt. We didn't get to experience that to the fullest extent in this one, but it was still a really good book!