Knights' Sinner by Bella Jewel

Knights' Sinner - Bella Jewel

Knights' Sinner begins with Serenity pretending to be the helpless girl who is abused to get information for Hogan.. Even though she's pretending its not really that far off from the truth. And as Serenity has to spend more and more time with this club she learns that these people aren't as bad as her father, or his club. They actually respect the woman and they don't hurt them. Not only that but Serenity is falling for Jackson. She knows its wrong on so many levels but she just can't seem to help it. And now she has to do what she can to protect the people she cares about with out anyone getting hurt. 

Jackson on the other hand has no idea he's being lied to. Not only that but he is also falling for this girl who is so much younger than him. He doesn't understand it, and he can't make it go away but he also doesn't want to act on it either. But before long it will all come crashing down around them. Now we have to see if Jackson can forgive, and if Serenity can protect the ones she loves...

I loved this book! It was very very good! I loved Jackson and Serenity together. I get the feeling this is the last book in the series, that may have been announced some where but I haven't seen it. If this is the end, it was a beautiful ending. I really enjoyed the whole book except for maybe one part that I thought really didn't make a whole lot of sense in the book, but other than that it was awesome. I felt bad for Serenity she was stuck between a rock and hard place. And she had no idea what to do or how to get out. Then I also felt bad for Jackson at times. These two people have gone through hell and back to get to be together so it was a beautiful story over all.