Angels in Leather by Bella Jewel

Angels in Leather - Bella Jewel

The book begins with us getting to see a few instances when Axel and Meadow were actually still friends. But things change drastically when Axel does something that sends Meadow running from him for a year trying to grant her father's last wish. Once Axel finally catches up to her things really start going down hill. But Meadow can't seem to give up on the Axel she use to know. And Axel can't see past his own demons to agree with her. These two have a huge battle ahead of them but neither one is really giving up. 

WOW. Just wow. That's about all I can really say to express how truly great this book was. Seriously one of my favorite biker books of all time now! I hated Axel at first but by the end of the book I was rooting for him! This book has a very strong female lead who didn't give up no matter what. And once she realized she was going to fight for Axel she went all in for him. I really hated to see what happened to him, and how messed up he was because of it. But I felt like Meadow was a freaking perfect match for him. Now there are a few things in the book that didn't really get explained very well. I don't want to really go into details because it will ruin it.. But I just wish that had been explained better. And then the ending! Wow that has got me all kinds of excited for the next book now. 

And ps it wasn't a cliffhanger!