Wingman by Bella Jewel

Wingman (Woman) - Bella Jewel

Wingman begins when Tia meets the rich Reign Braxton in a club. She originally came out to get laid, but when she meets him things change a little bit. She ends up helping him get laid but not herself. So the next day she gets a phone call from him asking for help with getting his ex back and making her jealous. Tia takes the job making good money and becoming good friends with Reign. Things go really good for six months, until the dreaded ex actually comes into the picture. Now Tia realizes that she feels a lot more for Reign than she should, but she knows she will always come second he makes that clear... But Tia's not going to give up..

This book was not at all what I was expecting it to be. I was so worried that it would have cheating, or a stupid love triangle type of thing, and in a way it did have the love triangle but no cheating. In all honesty I felt the author did a wonderful job of portraying Reign to be extremely confused in his head, but by most of his actions his heart always knew who the right woman was for him. He was extremely honest about his feelings, and I admired him for that. It was actually upset over how he hurt Tia several times, so he wasn't just some jerk trying to play games he meant it when he said he was confused. And Tia was an amazing heroine. She was super smart, and funny! She handled the situation very well, even though at times it seemed like she was being a little catty, because she apologized for that and continued on even though it hurt her. I also loved her nickname "little wingman" and the fact that we got to see some of the guys from Bella Jewel's bikers series. That was seriously awesome. I loved how they stood up for Tia, and basically took to her like one of their own. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Now I can not wait to see more Tia and Reign!