About That Night by Julie James

About That Night - Julie James

About That Night takes us back to right before Kyle's mother died. He sees a girl across the bar from him, and decides to make his move. And when he does neither of them expect to feel such a spark when they share a kiss after he walks her home. But due to circumstances out of Kyle's control he ends up standing up Rylann. 

Now nine years later, Kyle's just been released from prison for being the "twitter terrorist" and Rylann is now about of the US Attorney's office that prosecuted him. And she's the only one he will speak with when they need him to be a witness in another crime that was taken place at the prison. Rylann knows it's not a good idea to have a relationship with a witness to the case, even though the case will be closed quickly she still thinks it's a bad idea to get involved with Kyle, but neither of them can seem to stop it from happening. Especially when being near each other causes each of them to have a major reaction. But these two still have a lot of problems to deal with, like the main one she's a US Attorney, and he is an ex-con...

This third book in the series was only okay. I really couldn't stand Rylann. I thought she was a major witch most of the time. She was arrogant, self centered, and cared more about her "job" than anything else in her life. It really bothered me the way she acted about everything. And I sometimes felt bad for Kyle, I felt like he could do a whole lot better than her. Even though in the end she did prevail and it they had a happily ever after I still didn't like her. Not only that this book didn't really have any "action" like the two previous books had. No one was trying to murder, or hurt anyone in this one so I got sort of bored with it. Especially since I didn't care for Rylann. I did however like Kyle, and I liked the ending. Also it was nice to see the characters from the previous books as well. I am still looking forward to the next one, I just hope it will be better than this one.