Heavy by J.C. Mells

Heavy: A Contemporary Romance - J. C. Mells

Heavy begins when Thatch Reston has to do a tattoo on a friend of his who is in a famous band. He never expected to meet a girl who would knock him off his perfect world he was living, but that's exactly what happened when he met California. She's a rich, spoiled daughter of a famous actor, and she's constantly in the papers due to her partying and drug use. Thatch wants nothing to do with that, so after a one night stand between them he thinks he will never see her again, even though he can't get her out of his head. Cali on the other hand knows that Thatch is different, and he's part of the reason why she wants to get better. You see she doesn't just party to party she's just playing a role and trying to hide what's really wrong with her.. But after Thatch she wants to change, and she's determined to prove to him she can.


This was a beautiful story about two people who have been through a world of hurt trying to come out better in the end. I really liked Cali a whole lot. I felt she was really brave, and wasn't as spoiled as everyone thought her to be, she was actually a very sweet person with a kind heart. The book was very good. It dealt with a very serious issue, but it also had lots of humor in the book that didn't take away from the seriousness of it either. And I really enjoyed the main characters as well. However, I felt Thatch was very quick to judge things he knew nothing about, and that kind of got annoying. Other than that I loved the book!