Worth the Fall by Claudia Connor

Worth the Fall - Claudia Connor
Worth the Fall begins when Matt takes a vacation to the beach with his cousin. He didn't want to go, but figured he could give him a ride, and then leave soon. But he never expected to meet her. Abby, is a pregnant widow with four children already running around. She's had a rough life so far, and so have her children, but it all changes when she meets Matt. These two only have a week, but they make the most of it together, and with all the little ones running around they never expected to fall in love... 
 This book was majorly different than anything I've ever read before. I kept thinking how is it going to work with so many children. But it worked out really well. I really enjoyed this one. It was very good. It had a very good plot line, and lots of awesome characters. I did however get a little bit frustrated with Matt, and sometimes Abby as well. They both have issues, but it seemed they both also had a hard time getting past those issues. But eventually it ended with a wonderful HEA.