Love Hacked by Penny Reid

Love Hacked - Penny Reid

Love Hacked begins with Sandra on yet another failed first date. Her dates always end in tears after her listening to all of their problems. However, at her favorite restaurant there is a waiter who she's attracted to but he seems to young, and he doesn't seem to like her. Sandra is wrong however when she gets back to her table after a bathroom break to find that waiter with her, then they share a powerful kiss. After that Alex tries to have a relationship with Sandra but not only is he younger than her, he also has lots of secrets he's keeping from her. 

This one wasn't really my favorite of this series. It was okay, but I wasn't a huge fan of Alex. I hated that he kept keeping secrets from Sandra, and the fact that she just ignored several things that happened. It bugged me. But other wise it was funny, and interesting. I did like Sandra, and of course all of the rest of the Tuesday night knit group! I'm still looking forward to more in this series!