Follow by J.A. Huss

Follow: (Social Media #1) (Volume 1) - J A Huss

Follow begins when Grace and her best friend go on a vacation together. Grace is addicted to twitter. She tweets all the time, and most of the time the things she tweets are #dirtysexythoughts. And about @Vaughn Asher the famous actor. Well Grace gets a surprise when she ends up running into the Vaughn Asher at this hotel she's staying at, and he asks her out on a date... But her #fantasyworld all goes down the drain during that date. He's not who she thought he was, but yet she can't get him out of her thoughts.


This book was okay. I was actually somewhat disapointed with it though. I had been looking forward to reading it for a while now, and it was nothing at all like I thought it would be. I did like it though. The over all plot line is very interesting and kept me wanting to read more. I love the whole #dirtytwittertalking, but I felt the characters were lacking a whole lot.
I hated the first date as well, they really did nothing but fight. So that just through the whole thing off for me.


I'm not sure if I will read the next one, but this one was a nice interesting read to pass the time with.