Adrian Lessons by L.A. Rose

Adrian Lessons - L.A. Rose

Adrian Lessons begins when Cleo ends up having a major writers block. You see she writes the sex parts for her best friend/roomates novels, and they both get paid for it. But unforunetly if Cleo doesn't come up with something good for the book, then it's possible she won't have the money to keep paying for college. So, with that in mind she sets out to get inspired.. But that doesn't turn out so well for her, and she ends up flashing one of the hottest guys she's ever seen by accident. 

Next thing Cleo knows her crazy roommate is encouraging her to have "Adrian Lessons." Adrian is the hottest guy Cleo's ever seen, and she also thinks he's a major player. But that's not true at all. Adrian actually knows Cleo more than she thinks, and he's not at all what she thinks he is... 

Cleo and Adrian have a very humorous relationship! The thing is though Cleo gets scared because of her past, but Adrian is bound and determined to prove to her that she's worth it, and that they are worth taking a chance on together. 

This book was good. It was really really good till about fifty percent, then it just became good. I was a little bit frustrated with Cleo after that part, and a few parts before that as well. She was kind of a coward, and it seemed no matter how hard Adrian tried to prove himself it wasn't enough. However, Adrian was awesome! He was a sexy alpha male, with a bit of arrogence, but he was also super freaking sweet, and I adored him. The story ended with an awesome HEA, and had me laughing out loud through most of the book!