Wicked Innocence by Missy Johnson

Wicked Innocence - Missy Johnson

Wicked Innocence begins when Micah gets an audition for lead singer of a band. This is what she's beeing working towards for a very long time, and now is her chance. After actually getting into the band she has to go on tour with them now along with the band manager, Saxon Waite who is an ex rockstar himself who Micah has had a starstruck crush on for years now, and she's hiding a secret. One that could blow up in her face, especially when she finds out that Saxon may actually be attracted to her.


Saxon is long over his bad boy ways. He really messed up in his past and now he just wants to try move on even though the past doesn't seem to want to let him go. Then he gets a chance to meet Micah and hear her sing at the audition and she just sucks him in with her amazing voice. Not only does he think she's attractive, but he loves her voice and wants to know more about her.


I really liked this book! I thought it was very interesting, and I loved the main characters as well! I really admired the heroine Micah a whole lot. She wasn't afraid to get herself out of a bad situation any way she could. And now she has the courage to follow through with that choice she mad so many years ago.

And Saxon wasn't your typical bad boy rockstar! He was so much better! I really loved them together as well, and I loved getting to see Micah's career take off.

The only thing that bothered me about the book was it sort of fizzeled out towards the end. It didn't really leave us with a cliffhanger, it just left us period with many questions and not very many answers. That was really frustrating! But I did like the book and I thought it was a very enjoyable read.