Beast Part 1 by Ella James

Beast, Part I - Ella James

Beast begins with Annabelle being seventeen and going to a party to get a chance to see the famous twenty-one year old actor Cal aca Ricardo. Cal on the other hand is high at the party, and just wants to be left alone, and go back home. He's had a rough day, and doesn't want to be there. But when he stumbles upon Annabelle things change. He sees her as an "Angel" and Annabelle is starstruck so they have a small little tryst and go their seperate ways. But fate brings them together again. And again. 

After so many years of Cal being in prision he basically runs it now. And Annabelle again stumbles into the line of fire with Cal, but this time it's not just her whose on the line.

This book had an intriguing plot line, but it just wasn't for me. I couldn't really connect to the characters at all. And I honestly felt sort of dirty reading it. And not in the good kind of dirty either. I think if I had been able to understand the characters better and connect with them it would have been more interesting, but other wise I just didn't like the book. It just wasn't for me. The writing was good however, and again the plot line was intriguing but it just didn't quite work in my eyes.