Melancholy by Bella Jewel

Melancholy (Jokers' Wrath MC Book 2) - Bella Jewel

Melancholy begins just after the first book in the series ended. The heroine has just been shot and is waking up in the hospital. Things between her and Maddox seem to change some, but she's unsure of her a feelings. And Maddox doesn't seem to be really acting on his either. But these two also have to deal with someone who seems to want to hurt her, along with finding more information about her sister who she thought dead, but is actually alive!

This book was good. I enjoyed it a lot more than the first one in the series, mainly because there wasn't "Krypt's Angel" sorry I had to say that, I can not stand that from the first book! (And there was one part in this book when I thought Krypt was a hypocrite for getting mad at Maddox about something, when he wanted to keep secrets from his "angel")

All right I'm done with that now. Anyways, I loved Maddox and Santana together. They were an awesome couple. However, Santana got on my nerves at the beginning the way she kept acting was driving me nuts. It was also great getting to see all the other characters. And this book didn't just have drama, it had some sexy times, and lots of action as well. It made a great story that pulled you in the beginning and had you wanting more in the end. 

Other than that though I really enjoyed the book, and I loved getting to see Mack to! I think his book is going to be my favorite! I'm super excited about the next one now. I can not wait.