Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas

Heir of Fire - Sarah J. Maas

Heir of Fire begins with Celaena basically grieving the loss of everything she had. She has no one else really now, and she's not sure what to do next. But when the Fae bring her to her aunt's place she is set to train with Rowan, a fae warrior, until he deems her able to continue forward and then her aunt will answer her questions. Rowan and Celaena don't really get along that well. They actually almost seem to hate each other, and the more the train the worse it gets. Until some how some way it starts to change. They become friends. But Celaena knows that if she can not master her powers it will be too late for so many people, so she has to try harder. However, it's so hard to do with so much weighing on her.


This book was the best by far in this series. At least to me it was. I loved it! I loved the relationship between Celaena and Rowan! I also can't wait for Celaena and Chaol to meet again either. I loved the things Chaol did for her, even though he was a little bit conflicted about things. That was kinda crappy on his part, but I think he's finally getting it. 


And the prince of Adarlan is changing as well. I think he understood what was to happen more than even Chaol did. I admire all of them for growing up basically and learning all of these things. This book showed each character's growth, and set the scense for the future book. 


The only thing I didn't like about it was the point of view of the witches. I just didn't like that part, and felt it didn't add all that much to the main story. 


Now Celaena has some new friends, old friends, and more coming together to fight the war that is brewing. I can not wait for the next book! It's going to be awesome!