When Day Breaks by Maya Banks

When Day Breaks  - Maya Banks

When Day Breaks begins when Swanny and his team take on a job to help protect the super model Eden. Swanny has seen tons and tons of pictures of Eden not just in the news or magazines, but also from her brother who he served with a long time ago. She's said to be the most beautiful woman in the world, and Swanny knows she would probably never notice him even though he seems to have a strange fascination with her.


Eden surprises him however. When she realizes that her father hired some men to help guard her she isn't sure what to think about it, but she instantly has a weird connection with Swanny. And she goes about getting exactly what she wants. These two start to form a relationship while also trying to avoid Eden being hurt or killed.


This book was good! I really really enjoyed it. I loved Swanny and Eden together. And I also loved how Eden went about getting Swanny. She was really brave, and wasn't afraid to admit what she really wanted. I really admired that, and thought it was a major change from a lot of other reads where the woman hardly ever admits what she wants. And poor Swanny didn't know what to do, it was kind of funny how clueless he was being.


Other than that the book had a really good plot line, great writing (of course it's Maya Banks) and wonderful characters that kept me interested until the very end! I look forward to the next book in this series now!