Deacon by Kristen Ashley

Deacon (The Unfinished Heroes Series Book 4) - Kristen Ashley

Deacon begins when Cassie moves to Colorado to start her dream of owning and managing some cabins in the mountains. She and her current boyfriend are trying to make a go of it, but it may not end up the way she wants. 

Deacon is a man who Cassie is instantly weary of but there is also a pull towards him that she can't deny even though he seems to be able to. These two have to go years through lots of issues before they ever manage to actually come together.. And when the do come together it could end in heartache or end up being the best thing that ever happened to either of them.

The book pulled me in from the very beginning. It wasn't just because it was another KA book, it was because it was very intriguing to me. And it got better through out the book. I thought it was a really good story line, with two supremely awesome main characters, a lovable dog, and some crazy friends. 

The things I really LOVED about the book:
1) Deacon and Cassie's relationship. I loved the fact that they just "got" each other, and they seemed to communicate so differently then most couples! 

2) Deacon's pet names for Cassie. And just the way he speaks in general! 

3) Deacon. Just Deacon. Everything about him was so awesome. I loved that he had a hard time with certain things, but then he could be super sweet and a major alpha male all at the same time. 

4) Cassie. She was a different kind of female to me then a lot of heroines. She was "Cassie Boss" and I loved that. (Must read to understand fully)

Things that bugged me about the book:
1) The ending. I felt like it didn't really end Deacon and Cassie's story. And I know there will be another book, but it is going to be Nick's story. So.. That was kind of frustrating. 

2) I was kind of bummed that there wasn't any action. Almost every KA book has a little action in it or something, and this one just didn't. 

3)I kind of felt that the whole must be "John Priest" not Deacon was kind of annoying. (I won't say more because I don't want to spoil it) But that was just sort of frustrating and it didn't make sense to me at all. 

That's really about it. I really enjoyed the book a whole lot though. Even though I ended up having to read it twice in order to just get my thoughts about the book in straight before I wrote my review! And now I'm very much looking forward to the next book in the Unfinished Hero series!