Locke by Harper Sloan

Locke (Corps Security Book 6) - Harper Sloan

Locke begins when Maddox finds Emmy working in a strip club that her parents own. And he finds out a whole lot more as well. Determined to bring her back home, but still keep his distance he takes her away from there. Along the way we learn how damaged both Maddox and Emmy really are. They've both had some pretty bad things happen to them in their past, and Emmy is strong enough to try to move on and get past it. Maddox however, is still holding strong to all of it. But Emmy's not going to give up on him until she gets what she wants, or she has no more fight left.


This book was the end of the Corps Security series, and boy what an end it was! I really enjoyed Maddox and Emmy's story. I however at times really wanted to smack Maddox though because he drove me nuts! Emmy on the other hand was a wonderful heroine. She was very strong considering all of the crap she had been through, and she kept fighting for Mad and putting her heart on the line even though things didn't come out the way she wanted them.


The only thing that bugged me about the book was I kind felt like it went by too quickly. And skipped some things, even though those things were in the previous books it was still a little frustrating that they weren't explained a little more in this one.

Other than that this one was really really good! I loved the characters, and the plot line! Then the ending just opened up a whole new series. Well I hope it did anyways, because I really don't want to completely lose the gang from Corps Security!