Fallen Fourth Down by Tijan

Fallen Fourth Down - Tijan

Fallen Fourth Down begins with Mason leaving for college, and Logan and Sam starting their senior year. The problem is Sam can't seem to get those words that Tate said to her last year out of her head. It's eating her a live, and the guys notice somethings wrong, but they can't get her to tell them. And Sam doesn't know what to do. She doesn't want to lose the only family she really has left. Not only this but others from the past are trying to come back and harm the foursome fearsome! But these wonderful characters we love so much aren't going to stand for someone trying to become between them. Ever.

This was a perfect book in this series. Absolutely perfect. I don't even know what to else to say to express how utterly awesome this book was. It has everything that the Fallen Crest Series needed, and everything it has hinted at becoming from the very beginning. This book was the true Family of Fallen Crest together in their element, and out of their element as well.

It was wonderful to see each character struggle with the changes that came their way, but they worked hard to prevail in the end. Mason and Sam were spectacular as well. Even though each of them made a few mistakes in this one, it was still wonderful to see them work hard through it all.
And poor Logan. I actually felt bad for him at times in this one. Sometimes it seems like no one takes him as serious as they should. But my opinion of him has greatly changed. I love Logan.
Then there is Nate. He's tried to make it on his own, but sometimes all you need is your family to stand behind you. He had to learn quite a few things in this one about that, but again Tijan ROCKED this book the way everything panned out!

Now I can not wait for the next book! This one just opened up a whole new world with a whole lot more problems, and I'm super excited for it!